Land Manager: Lula Lake Land Trust

Area Rep: Pat Kelly,

The majority of the cliff at High Point is owned and managed by the Lula Lake Land Trust. Lula Lake has graciously allowed climbers to access the cliffs when they purchased the property, so please be respectful of Lula Lake staff and rules. If your going to climb at High Point , please call land manager, Pat Kelly, on his cell phone 706-639-3099. This courtesy call will allow Pat to know that climbers are up at High Point in case of emergency or problems. The current access is via a parking area at the intersection of Nick-A-Jack Road and Highway 157.

The LLLT, is working to open their gates to sustainable, recreational use of their land.The Lula Lake staff and board are working together on a proposal that would improve access to High Point via a new, closer parking area and shorter approach trail. More details about the access will be released as the project moves forward.

**Access Note: In 2017, LLLT conducted a survey and found that half the routes are not on Lula Lake property. The land trust is working to obtain access or purchase this property, but until further notice, please do not climb outside of Lula Lake property boundaries.


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What to Expect

High Point is located on the eastern rim of Lookout Mountain about 10 miles south of Chattanooga and approximately 1 mile east of the town of Thompsonville in Walker County, Georgia. High point is the highest point on Lookout Mountain. There are approximately 45 routes, mostly traditional and mixed, ranging from 30 to 70 feet in height. While the routes tend to be short, commonly 45 to 50 feet, the lines are classic and steep.

Access notes

  • Please respect and follow all rules and regulations of Lula Lake Land Trust.
  • Keep noise to a minimum as there are private landowners nearby.
  • Leave No Trace: Keep this area beautiful and clean. Clean up after yourselves, your peers, and your pets. Lead by example and pick it up on the first pass.


No camping at High Point


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